To win big, you sometimes have to take big risks.

“To win big, you sometimes have to take big risks.” –  Bill Gates

The fifth week of the Hybrid Data Movement (#CAHDM) kicked off with an incredible briefing from Adam Velie, Opportunity Pipeline Manager at Booz Allen Hamilton. Adam donated a great amount of his time to speak to the cohort about business development for leaders. He explained, “Build a pipeline, work the pipeline. Every day is a business development day!”

On Tuesday, Doug Cameron, President of FSO Source, donated his time to speak to the cohort over the lunch hour about facility clearances. That evening, the cohort was lucky enough to attend a fireside chat with Cecilia Harry from the Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC. She spoke to the cohort about military and space community within Colorado Springs and what Colorado Springs has to offer to small businesses. Cecilia mentioned, “I had a wonderful experience getting introduced to this cohort. I am blown away by the services and products these companies are developing, and I think it’s so incredible that these companies are seeing the value of being the Colorado Springs region for this experience! Don’t forget that there are so many competitive advantages to building your companies here, including access to business development contacts and a supportive community that would welcome you and actively work with you to help you succeed in this market.”

The cohort participated in a white boarding session where they were able to better understand each other’s technologies and see how they can play together. Afterwards, they enjoyed a lovely dinner together at Phantom Canyon, a wonderful local downtown Colorado Springs restaurant.

Ten subject matter experts donated their time to speak with the cohort during week three. One of these experts included Phil Schmidt from Ball Aerospace. Phil is part of the Catalyst Accelerator family and has been a Commercial Sherpa for several cohorts. Ball Aerospace is a Sherpa for the cohort company, Pixspan. He offered some wonderful advice to the cohort by stating, “Have a solid business plan. Know your market, know your product, and know how you’re going to make money at it. Remember the government/military has deep pockets but they don’t buy very much. This is especially true for the Space Force. Don’t plan on making money with volume.”

The cohort companies had the distinct honor to meet the Honorable Sue Payton. Sue gave an unclassified security threat briefing. The week then ended on a perfect note with Warfighter Panel in which eight of our US warfighters spoke to industry professionals and the CAHDM cohort about their day-to-day Hybrid Data Movement tasks. They described their pain points and what has worked well.

On Sunday afternoon, the Catalyst Accelerator hosted a Garden Party at Catalyst Campus to kick off Space Symposium week for the space community at Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation. This was an amazing event which brought the space community together to network and meet the incredible Catalyst Accelerator alumni and our current cohort members within the Hybrid Data Movement cohort.

Thank you to each of the subject matter experts who donated their time to speak with the Hybrid Data Movement cohort and answer their questions. The Catalyst Accelerator team is looking forward to what week seven has to offer!

Author: Kate Menendez, Marketing Specialist