Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO
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AI/ML for Space and Maritime Applications

How might the United States Space Force and United States Navy introduce commercial capabilities to innovate operational mission environments with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

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Defensive Cyber Operations

Colorado Springs, CO


How might the United States Space Force leverage commercial capabilities to identify and automate cyber terrain mapping of complex systems, in order to support existing cyber operations tool suites?

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Digital Data Strategies

Ogden, UT


How might we facilitate the development of an overarching acquisition and sustainment digital data strategy that allows for a secure and scalable cloud hybrid data environment?

Hybrid Data Movement

Colorado Springs, CO


How might we provide a secure and scalable hybrid data environment to pull, move and combine diverse sets of data from commercial, public, Allied and Government sources to allow users to find, fix, target, track, engage, and assess on faster timelines?

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