Catalyst Space Accelerator is Seeking Partners and Sponsors

Catalyst Space Accelerator has nationwide recognition and attention. Many companies and individuals are seeking ways to align themselves with the great notoriety and high level of activity coming out of Catalyst Campus. Fortunately, we have a number of ways to get involved.

Partnerships with Catalyst Space Accelerator may take the form of guiding our cohort companies as a commercial mentor (sherpa), providing subject matter expertise during one of our many seminars or fireside chats, or supporting the participation of these companies through capital investment.

Catalyst Space Accelerator relies on a variety of sponsors to enrich our curriculum through social events and collision opportunities. In addition to providing a foundation for economic development of small businesses and their innovative technologies, your organization will receive several forms of public recognition and marketing opportunities by sponsoring the Catalyst Space Accelerator.

Benefits of Sponsorship include priority seating at Accelerator events, permanent recognition on the Accelerator website, promotion on social media and more. Click below to download our sponsorship packet.