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#CACSA DEmo DAY Agenda - 11/19/2020

00:19 – LyteLoop invented, designed and demonstrated Storage in Motion technology to store vast amounts of data in space with ultra security in endlessly circulating loops of light saving physical space, power, time and greatly reducing cost. Presented by Ohad Harlev

00:29 – Astrapi: Symbol Waveform Hopping unlike alternative approaches provides secure communications in the time domain to enable advanced persistent SATCOM. Presented by David Shaw

00:38 – Corlina is a Trust Security Software System that provides a continuous measure of confidence so that an IoT system is trustworthy with a verifiable immutable record of the integrity of observations made by applications deployed on the trusted IoT System. Presented by Antonio Espinosa

00:48  – Vitro is a Zero Trust IoT platform. We create hardware and software to authenticate messages and code to and from remote operating equipment. Authentication ensures secret and secure command and control messaging to remote operating equipment, including vehicles, sensors and munitions. Presented by David Goodman

00:56  – ANOVA Intelligence develops AI/ML-powered, enterprise-scale software to find and attribute APT behavior in critical endpoints at first breach. Presented by Gentry Lane

01:05 – CyberCentric is an AI-driven data categorization company. We enable Organizations to know precisely where their most sensitive data is, who has access to it and how it’s being used. Presented by Jeremiah Steptoe

01:14  – ARMS Cyber is an application and secure container cyber security solution that utilizes moving target defense techniques for applications and DevSecOps pipelines to drastically reduce the likelihood of a successful zero day attack by constantly shuffling the code and thus making vulnerabilities almost impossible to find (radio frequency hopping for software). Presented by Michael Bryant

01:22  – DornerWorks: VM Composer is a software development tool for embedded devices to configure, build, and deploy virtual machine-based systems, eliminating the need for you to become a VM expert. It saves time, money and resources while quickly and easily providing you the benefits of using virtualization in your system. NASA and the Army are funding development of new features for this tool. Presented by Jarvis Roach