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How might the United States Space Force introduce commercial capabilities to its mission environment for Space Domain Awareness?

Problem Statement

The Space Domain Awareness Tools, Applications & Processing (TAP) Lab will serve as the official Problem Sponsor for the Spring 2024 Cohort. Space Domain Awareness (SDA) includes the ability to rapidly predict, detect, track, identify, warn, characterize, and attribute threats to U.S., commercial, allied, and partner space systems.

The United States Space Force would like to strengthen the awareness of the space environment using commercial data and tools, aiming to strengthen shared security and prosperity. Proposed solutions may serve to enhance, supplement, support, and refine existing Space Domain Awareness mission sensors, systems, and analysis. This can encompass various elements such as data, software tools, mission system components, and services to support the United States Space Force.

For this cohort, the primary focus area will be U.S. developed software solutions that are capable of data fusion and processing techniques. Solutions with commercial market viability are desired across a wide array of relevant technologies.

Topics of Interest Include:

  • Space Launch Custody
  • Classifying Uncorrelated Tracks (UCTs)
  • Classification of object type (debris, rocket body, payload, unknown, active & inactive)
  • Operator Decision Aids
  • Classification of satellite vehicle propulsion
  • Detect objects transiting through the upper atmosphere (reentry, very-low orbits, launches)
  • Nomination process for Objects of Interest
  • Stability Assessment from time series photometry or other means
  • Event Detection to include launch, reentry, maneuver, deployment, proximity, pose change, RF transmission change, and debris generation.
  • Hostility Assessment
  • Event Correlation of multiple inputs (as it relates to hostility assessment)
  • Queryable Big Data Compression
  • Predictive Analytics

Note: The SDA TAP Lab seeks to stimulate innovation and collaboration between industry, the Department of Defense, academia, and Guardians. For additional information, please visit


January 10, 2024 at 10am MT'Ask Me Anything' Virtual Session
January 22, 2024 at 5pm MTApplication Deadline
February 13-15, 2024Applicant Pitch Days
March 19-22, 2024On-Week
March 25-28, 2024On-Week
April 16-19, 2024On-Week
April 22-25, 2024On-Week
May 14-17, 2024On-Week
May 20-23, 2024On-Week
June 11-14, 2024Final On-Week
June 13, 2024Demo Day
January 10, 2024 at 10am MT'Ask Me Anything' Virtual Session
January 22, 2024 at 5pm MTApplication Deadline
February 13-15, 2024Applicant Pitch Days
March 19-22, 2024On-Week
March 25-28, 2024On-Week
April 16-19, 2024On-Week
April 22-25, 2024On-Week
May 14-17, 2024On-Week
May 20-23, 2024On-Week
June 11-14, 2024Final On-Week
June 13, 2024Demo Day

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Cohort Companies

Active Vigilance

At Active Vigilance, we are spearheading the deployment of onboard artificial intelligence and machine learning for aerospace applications. Our vision is a safer world where space assets survive through events no one could have predicted, limiting the effects of hostile action, and maintaining deterrence. Active Vigilance provides the most efficient and trustworthy machine learning, enabling human-on-the loop control of autonomous space assets. Active Vigilance has developed machine learning which needs minimal training data and collaborates with human oversight to ensure mission goals are met. With flexible hardware implementations including in space and on the ground, Active Vigilance offers a new resilience for in-space and other high-value, complex assets.

Astra Ultra

Astra Ultra is revolutionizing space domain awareness with our cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Our AI systems provide unparalleled accuracy in tracking and predicting orbital patterns, ensuring enhanced safety and strategic planning for satellite operations. By integrating advanced machine learning algorithms, Astra Ultra offers real-time data analysis and decision-making capabilities, ensuring continued mission capability and success. Our commitment to innovation positions Astra Ultra as a pivotal player in shaping the future of space domain awareness.

The Exclosure

Exclosure stands at the forefront of space situational awareness, revolutionizing the field with our global network of AI/ML-enhanced observatories. Compact yet powerful, our observatories deliver unprecedented revisit rates for analyzing orbital and atmospheric objects. We blend cutting-edge artificial intelligence with advanced data processing to offer real-time insights, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in space observation and security. Exclosure seeks to provide not just space domain awareness, but space domain empowerment.


iMETALX is at the forefront of space technology, offering cutting-edge observation and surveillance services. Utilizing sophisticated sensors and algorithms, the company excels in identifying, tracking, and analyzing satellites and debris across low earth orbit and beyond. Essential for maintaining space situational awareness, iMETALX’s services safeguard the functionality and safety of space assets through comprehensive imagery and data, while also facilitating effective operations for in-space services.

Orbital Services Corporation LLC (OSCorp)

OSCorp is an in-space services company at the vanguard of cementing U.S. space supremacy to safeguard the space domain and build a thriving in-space economy. We develop cutting-edge technologies at the nexus of GN&C, AI/ML, LiDAR sensors, space robotics, and lasercom terminals–the building blocks that would enable safe and robust ADR involving RPOC of uncooperative spacecraft.

Quasar Satellite Technologies

Quasar has developed a state-of-the-art, fully digital multibeam phased array antenna, capable of simultaneously delivering SDA & SATCOM from a single aperture, marking a revolutionary advancement in All-Sky visibility.

TRL 11 Inc.

TRL11 is advancing the development and utilization of full motion video for spacecraft operations and space security. The company is building cameras and recording systems emphasizing real-time and low power video feeds from space. Central to TRL11’s innovative approach is its proprietary AI/ML video processing software which employs a novel compression technique and downlinks only the valuable content in a recording to streamline insights for ground operators while minimizing bandwidth costs.

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