U.S. Space Force Invites Modeling and Simulation Technology

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, June 8  2021 –U.S. Space Force Invites Modeling and Simulation Technology

Catalyst Accelerator (Catalyst), powered by Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Vehicles Directorate, is seeking Modeling and Simulation (M&S) technologies for its 3-month fall Accelerator. Applications are currently being accepted for small businesses and startups possessing dual-use technology that can be used by the U.S. Space Force (USSF). The problem statement this accelerator hopes to solve is:

  • How might the United States Space Force leverage modeling and simulation to improve operator training, system design, acquisition, architecture resilience and operations?

Modeling and simulation (M&S) is a key enabler of US warfighting capability; helping to save lives and taxpayer dollars, and improve operational readiness. For acquisition and system design, M&S is intended to provide readily available, operationally valid environments approved by warfighters to explore concepts and refine capability requirements in preparation for field experimentation. M&S tools are used to accurately capture current and future Joint and Service capabilities, doctrine, and tactics.

Training is one of the most employed M&S applications, but there are many other ways that M&S enables USSF functions. In particular, M&S is used to analyze and inform decisions in acquiring new capabilities, adopting new tactics, processing intelligence, and testing systems before they are put into the hands of our fighting forces.

M&S will guide investment strategy and provide insight into future technology needs and capabilities within the context of warfighting needs and capabilities. It drives design of physical experiments along with associated reference architectures and CONOPS that apply candidate technologies and demonstrate their effective use for solving military challenges.

M&S use cases include: multi-domain operations; fuse and analyze multiple data sources; produce sophisticated pictures of the battlespace environment; wargaming; systems design; realistic space operator training; tactical ISR of agile and intelligent targets; space domain awareness; tactical missile warning; and experiment design.

The M&S Accelerator cohort is sponsored by Lockheed Martin and kicks-off August 24th.  Eight companies will participate in the accelerator, drawing on expertise from military and commercial Sherpas, Government leaders and consultants. Participant companies will make crucial connections within Government and industry that will enable them to promote their technology and advance their position into acquiring government contracts. The M&S Accelerator will draw to a close with a Demo Day event attended by Government and commercial scouts.

The Ask Me Anything event for this accelerator is on June 28, 2021, at 2:30pm MT. For more information and to apply, go to https://catalystaccelerator.space/cades/.

About Catalyst Accelerator

The Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate and United States Space Force’s Catalyst Accelerator is a NewSpace-focused defense and national security industry accelerator, headquartered on the Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation (CCTI) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. CCTI is a collaborative ecosystem where industry, small business, entrepreneurs, startups, government, academia, and investors intersect with Colorado’s aerospace and defense industry to create community, spark innovation, and stimulate business growth. The Catalyst Accelerator is a collaborative program hosted by Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation (CCTI, a Colorado 501(c)3) in partnership with the United States Space Force, and the Air Force Research Laboratory to provide a robust, mentor-driven curriculum for accelerator teams.

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Mrs. KiMar Gartman
Catalyst Accelerator Program Director


Author: Kate Menendez, Marketing Specialist