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How might modern technology streamline the ingestion, digestion, and analysis of digital models to enable an efficient US Air Force (USAF) certification process?

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Problem Statement

The USAF Digital Transformation Office (DTO) is seeking companies that provide novel ways to ingest, digest, or assess digital models (special interest in MBSE SysML, CAD, and FEA models) to streamline the certification of a system and support the USAF’s Unified Certification Strategy (UCS). UCS is an emerging approach within the USAF and broader Department of Defense (DoD) to streamline the three primary certification types: Airworthiness, Cyber Security, and Nuclear Surety. One line of effort within UCS is enabling certification efficiency through digital models, such as MBSE SysML, CAD, and FEA models. As more programs within the USAF and DoD embrace digital models, the complexity and quantity of data needing to be processed through the certification pipeline will increase, so the DTO is searching for technologies that can streamline the ingestion, digestion, and analysis of models to certify systems.

The certification process requires the timely input and assessment of underlying engineering to assist the certification teams, and this is currently done through manual and semi-automated processes. With the rise of digital twins, model-based system engineering, and Dev*Ops, certifying these systems has expanded beyond what humans can do in a timely fashion, especially as more programs within the USAF and DoD embrace digital models. The goal of this Accelerator is to explore technology that can help accelerate and automate the certification process. This process includes certifying software and hardware designs for airworthiness, cyber security, and nuclear surety.

Description of the three main certification types:

Airworthiness assures an air vehicle is safe for flight and the system’s integrity is maintained. It is the certification of an air system configuration’s ability to safely attain, sustain, and complete flight in accordance with approved usage limits. (More Info)

Cyber Security means that the program is protected against cyber threats and that the code and tools operate as expected.

Nuclear Surety – The goal of nuclear surety is to ensure the system only operates as intended at the correct time. “This program applies to materiel, personnel, and procedures that contribute to the safety, security, and control of nuclear weapons, thus assuring no nuclear accidents, incidents, loss, or unauthorized or accidental use. The Air Force continues to pursue safer, more secure, and more reliable nuclear weapons consistent with operational requirements.” (More Info)

Potential Technology Topics of Interest Include:

  • Object recognition software
  • Data Verification and Validation Capabilities
  • Data Mapping or Fuzzy Matching
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Extraction and Interpretation
  • Training

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