We are pleased to present Innovation Community Days sponsored by Lockheed Martin in partnership with Starburst Aerospace. Join us October 23-24th, 2019 at Catalyst Campus for panel discussions with government leaders, space-based technology pitches, and networking with the aerospace community.

We believe bringing together leaders from across the nation will inspire you to get involved in the DoD innovation ecosystems, maximize your networking opportunities, and become more aware of the aerospace industry.

Wednesday - 23 October 2019

0800-0830 Registration and Networking

0830-0850 Welcome Remarks

0850-0920 Government Keynote

0920-1020 Panel 1: Importance of Commercial Innovation for Future ISR Missions with Q&A

1040-1140 Start-Up Pitches 1-4

1140-1240 Lunch Provided

1240-1310 Start-Up Pitches 5-6

1310-1410 Panel 2: How startups can work with the government with Q&A

1410-1440 Lockheed Martin Discussion

1500-1540 Catalyst Space Accelerator Cohort Pitches

1600-1800 Happy Hour Reception

Thursday - 24 October 2019

0800-0830 Registration and Networking

0830-0840 Welcome Remarks

0840-0910 Government Keynote

0910-1010 Panel 3: Startup Success Stories with Q&A

1030-1100 Start-Up Pitches 7-8

1100-1130 Academic Pitches 1-2

1130-1230 Lunch Provided and Accompanied by a Fireside Chat

1230-1300 Lockheed Martin Closing Discussion