The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” — Walt Disney

The ninth week of the Hybrid Data Movement (#CAHDM) cohort kicked off with an incredible fireside chat with Gregg Walsh from Microsoft. He discussed the global impact and importance of hybrid data movement topic. Afterwards, the cohort was fortunate enough to hear from Steve Friedman from LinQuest. LinQuest is currently serving as a Commercial Sherpa for the #CAHDM cohort company QuSecure. He offered an incredible over about LinQuest and their involvement in hybrid data movement.

Joe Marney, owner of defy DESIGN, will be filming the cohort company pitch videos during the eleventh week of the Accelerator. He met with each of the companies this week to offer his greatest tips and tricks as to how to make their pitch videos amazing. Mike Hussey from Oteemo then spoke about who Oteemo is and offered some wonderful tips and tricks on the Iron Bank. He mentioned, “It’s an honor for Oteemo to be presenting and supporting the Catalyst Accelerator in Colorado Springs and Ogden. Coming from FFRDC (Mitre) and a large DoD vendor prior, the diversified culture, growth mindset, and non-traditional small business workspace are an inspiration, because I/we learn something new every day while delivering outcome based digital hybrid solutions. We look forward to cultivating new partnerships, differentiated approaches, and agile methodologies with you in support of our warfighter community.”

The cohort companies had the distinct honor to listen and participate in a lunch and learn with the Bluestaq team. Geoffrey Carrigan, Systems Engineer, from Bluestaq explained, “The Unified Data Library (UDL) helps to break down stove pipes by allowing providers AND consumers to connect to the UDL independently, without forcing both to migrate away from legacy constructs at the same time. This allows the architecture to move forward and leverage new technology without leaving behind legacy capabilities. This architecture change, already adopted by the Air and Space Force, can now be built upon by the next round of innovative startups and small businesses, many of which are a part of the current Catalyst Accelerator Hybrid Data Movement Cohort”. Wednesday wrapped up with a cohort dinner at Oscar Blues in downtown Colorado Springs, followed by a speakeasy tour lead by Cecilia Harry from the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC.

The eight cohort companies participated in the Hybrid Data Journey Event on Thursday and Friday sponsored by Microsoft. This event was designed to provide industry and government perspectives from legacy to on-prem solutions to hybrid data environments. Seventeen small businesses with innovative technologies in this area, including the eight current cohort companies, participated in this two-day event. Each of the small businesses had the opportunity to listen to detailed briefing from subject matter experts at Microsoft, Persistent Systems, Defense Innovation Unit and National Security Innovation Network. Afterwards, one-on-one meetings were conducted between the presenting organizations and each of the small businesses. Colorado PTAC also played a large role in making this event possible. Not only did they assist with planning, recruiting, and setting up, their team offered each of the small businesses the opportunity to meet with them during their open office hours to assist with government contracting questions and needs. Thank you to each of the event collaborators and incredible small businesses who participated in this event and made it so successful. To learn more about the Hybrid Data Journey, please visit

Author: Kate Menendez, Marketing Specialist