What is the Catalyst Collision? 

The Air Force Research Laboratory/Space Vehicles Directorate (AFRL/RV)-sponsored Catalyst Accelerator will host a 4-day pitch event where 23 startups and small businesses will have the opportunity to present to Government tech scouts their innovative, dual-use (government & commercial), space or space-related technologies, ideally with a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 4 or higher. On each morning of June 22 – 24, Government Tech Scouts will hear from innovative companies and will have networking time with these companies in the afternoons.  On June 25, all companies, along with an additional 7 companies, will be available to talk about their technologies in a Tech Gallery event which will be open to the public.

What did participants say about the last tech pitch event?

What a great event! Even in these trying times your team pulled off hosting this event virtually and we were still able to engage with the community when most every other event was cancelled. Although it was virtual it felt that some great connections were made. Very grateful that we still made it to the event and that we had great audiences. Thanks!”

“We appreciate the effort the Catalyst Campus and Kansas SBDC put forth to help small businesses connect with industry and the government.”

“Thank you for hosting this event! Pitching and gaining industry contacts was hugely valuable.”

“Thank you, Catalyst team (Catalyst, Business Consultants and Kansas Small Business Group). We feel you did an OUTSTANDING job making this work!!”

Who will apply to the Catalyst Collision Event? 

The Catalyst Accelerator team is looking for startups and small businesses that have innovative space or space-related technologies to pitch to Government tech scouts during the Catalyst Collision Event. Ideally, but not exclusively, companies will be under 5 years old with less than 70 employees. 

What technology will participating companies have?

Technologies of most interest align with the SpaceWERX Space Prime initiative. These technology sectors are listed below. Companies with space-based technologies that fall outside of these categories will still be encouraged to apply. All unique, innovative space technologies will be considered! Company descriptions will be sent out to Government tech scouts by the end of May.

    • Hybrid Data Movement
    • On-orbit Advanced Power
    • Advanced Space Maneuver
    • Orbital Refueling & Manufacturing
    • Orbital Debris Remediation
    • Space-Based Cyber Security

How to apply as a Government tech scout? 

Interested Government tech scouts, not already invited, can send an inquiry to KiMar at

What are the benefits for Government tech scouts at the Catalyst Collision?

    • Over the course of 4 days, tech scouts gain exposure to 30 technologies that meet DoD space requirements or serve as a solution to a space threat.
    • Familiarization with Catalyst Campus’ innovation ecosystem involving public/private partnerships.
    • Collaboration and connections with local government agencies, space companies, industry, investors, and the Catalyst Campus community.

Do we need to be in person at the Catalyst Campus for the Duration of the event? 

No, the Catalyst Collision Event is completely virtual. The Catalyst Collision event will be hosted on Zoom. Government tech scouts will be able to evaluate companies using the ValidEval tool. 

What is the cost to attend the Catalyst Collision? 

There is no cost for Government tech scouts to attend the event.

How secure is the information I provide to Catalyst Accelerator?

Catalyst Accelerator uses the Valid Eval platform ( to manage our application, evaluation, and feedback processes. Valid Eval (VE) protects applicants’ information using a multi-layered approach consistent with software industry best practices.

Some details: VE has architected its application security consistent with AWS’ “Well-Architected” framework, and the platform is hosted entirely in Amazon Web Services’ US-East-1 region, which holds 207 “FedRAMP Moderate” authorizations. These authorizations demonstrate that AWS US-East-1 operational, physical and information security practices have passed extensive compliance audits against US Government security standards. All communications between your browser and VE are encrypted-in-transit with the most-current revision of TLS supported by AWS, and all data stored to non-volatile memory is encrypted-at-rest. This includes all files uploaded by applicants, which pass directly from the applicant’s browser to AWS S3 and are stored encrypted via AES-256. Valid Eval also is careful to ensure that applicants’ intellectual property remains exactly that – by uploading information you grant Catalyst Accelerator and VE a license to view that information, but it remains yours, period.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact VE directly at